BANKET, The Revenge on the Macbeths

Scenography for Opera Vlaanderen inspired by the Construction series.


This musical theatre production by Opera Vlaanderen for kids explores questions about rage, fear and resentment. Where do the roots of evil come from? What does it mean to take revenge? How can I contend with the world outside that is often dark and unfair?

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Deconstruction I

1000 natural clay bricks
4 signs (permanent marker on print and wood)

Site-specific performance from 16/01 to 15/02
Devil’s Castle, Ghent



Over the course of 1 month, Conrad carried 1000 bricks (1.6 tonnes) to the roof of the Gerald the Devil castle and threw them down into the courtyard. 

This 13th century Gothic building has seen numerous renovations since the Middle Ages, making it impossible today to recognize its original structure. According to announcement signs Conrad put up each week, these renovations were being revoked.

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Cubicles I-V

Particle board and screws

Varying dimensions and growing number

Ongoing (2007 - present)


The work consists of a growing number of blocks, constructed in particle board following the same dimensions and variations as wooden toy building blocks. 

The blocks are used to make live constructions before an audience. Conrad lifts and stacks these oversized building blocks without any help or attributes: he climbs the structure itself to build it up. The resulting construction as a temporary modular sculpture.

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