SMAK proposal for the 'Kotroute'

For my participations in the 'Kotroute' in Ghent, the organisers wanted me to show work at the museum of contemporary art (SMAK), the starting location for the event.

I proposed a 'ceiling drawing' which wasn't accepted for technical reasons.
Eventually I projected drawings on the double height wall behind the reception and showed drawing 'Without title' No.36.

Now to find a ceiling I CAN draw on...


Holiday inspiration

When being away on a holiday I always carry my sketchbooks along. I find other countries and cultures very inspiring for new drawings. New ideas and new shapes often arise while being away from home. 'Haru Kat' (No.15) is a striking example of the influence a trip to Japan had on this drawing. 

The pictures below are me, sketching, in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.

Award at University of Leuven

In 2011, the University of Leuven was looking for an artwork that would appeal to the students and be fully integrated in their new building, designed by famous Belgian architect Jo Crepain.

My proposal for a 20m x 2m wall drawing was awarded as one of three winners. I used 40 water-resistant and light-fast markers, and made the drawing in 7 days.

At the opening reception I was handed the prize from the council member for culture of the city of Leuven.
The art-work can be seen at Herestraat 49, Leuven / Belgium.

Basic parts

There is a tattoo on my left shoulder representing a merger of the four basic shapes (rectangle, triangle, square and circle): the basic parts mostly used in architecture and in my work.

I have the tattoo since I was 19, but it has become my signature (you can see it quite well here) since my journey through Japan in 2010: the Japanese use small stamps for their calligraphy.

CONRAD tatoeage.jpg

Wall drawing Apollo Art Hotel


For the group exhibition 'Urbania Cityminds' I made this 15m long drawing on a wall in the restaurant of the Apollo Art Hotel.

It took 10 days and 37 black markers to complete the drawing. The drawing was made during the day, while the restaurant was still open, as a performance piece.

At the end of the exhibition, the Apollo Art group bought the work.
It can still be visited at Handboogstraat 1, 8000 Brugge, Belgium.