Selected for the Artist residency swap with Finland

artist residency swap picture.jpg

Curator Anni Fahler and artist Timo Wright are launching ARS – Artist Residency Swap, a new artist exchange pilot programme in the Benelux. The idea behind the programme is a platform where artists can swap both their work space and home with another artist from a different country. The goal is to create a space where artists all over the world can connect through their profile in order to not only share their work and living space, but also experiences and insights.

The activity between Finland and the Benelux begins with a pilot exchange programme partly funded by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, and involves two artists from both areas swapping their homes and work spaces. The open-call closed in July, and the participating artists, who will swap homes and work spaces in the end of September, have now been chosen:

Billie Hanne (Brussels/Belgium) and Anna Knappe (Helsinki/Finland)

Conrad Willems (Ghent/ Belgium) and Sivi Valima (Helsinki/Finland)

ARS – Artist Residency Swap is a side project by the Finnish gallery Unknown Cargo. The gallery was created in 2011, and began expanding its activities to the Nordic countries in 2015. The name of each artist is revealed only after their exhibition, letting the artist create freely and without expectations.