41 Variations

When we produced Construction I in white sandstone, the manufacturer made 41 cubes more than necessary.  

These 41 cubes are not needed for the construction itself and were left untouched in my studio for many months. As I am unable to refrain myself from making constructions with anything I can lay my hands on, I started making a series of drawings based on the varying constructions I could make using these 41 cubes.

The rules are simple: each time I build a new construction using all 41 building blocks. After sketching, I then draw the four side views and superimpose a perspective drawing of the construction. I then carefully draw the lines for the background.
By early October, I should have 41 unique drawings of 41 the different constructions that have each only been made once and then destroyed again. Each drawing will be sold with one of the individual building blocks. 

In October, I will present the work in full: a construction using all 41 building blocks and the 41 different drawings. 

More information on this project will follow in September.