Next stop: Carrara

A more personal note.

I’ve always made installations and sculptures as well as drawings. You can obviously see this on this website. Both art forms influence each other in ways that not even I can always predict. The outcomes of this dialogue are part of what propels my work and its evolution forward. But no matter if I’m drawing or making installations: I always feel a sculptor.

Very recently, for the on-site works made for DOK, I’ve experimented with the techniques and shapes I’ve developed in the spatial studies on a much larger scale. The work was made in polystyrene for practical reasons and will be transferred into concrete later. I really enjoyed this whole process and feel ready to take this further.

I’m excited to announce I will be taking a stone-carving course in Carrara, Italy, to study how to transfer these shapes to stones and marbles.  This is a logical extension of the very material aspect in my work, from the heavily grained paper I work on for my drawings to the sandstone used on Construction I (and the Belgian blue stone for Construction II which is in production).

I will continue to work on all my on-going artistic projects; the “untitled” drawings, the spatial studies, the Construction series – and of course continue to evolve and develop new work.
Next stop: Carrara marble.